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Tahniah Muhtar Suhaili Julai 22, 2007

Posted by taskforcemiri in Jom Cemerlang.

New Sunday Times (22 July 2007)

Young Achievers/AYA: Say ‘can do’ to be a success 

Most Outstanding Youth Of The Year 2007

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His parents were illiterate and he grew up in poverty. But this young engineer pressed on to become the best that he could be. Now he is helping others to do well, writes DAVID YEOW.


“NO one can go back in time to make a new beginning but you can start now to create your own happy ending. Everybody has the ability to succeed provided they have a ‘can do’ spirit.”


These are some of the zen-like wisdom that Muhtar Suhaili (picture) not only spouts but has lived by for the last 25 years.


In fact “wise cracking” is Muhtar’s gift. The oldest of four children, Muhtar said that since young he had developed an uncanny ability to recognise simple truths in life and apply them.


He was so good at leading himself that he scored his way past his UPSR, PMR and SPM, gearing himself with honest hard work and personal pep talks alone.


“I also helped my dad sell fruits at the same time,” he said.


It did not take long for others to see the maturity and ability in him. Muhtar was given a scholarship by Yayasan Sarawak to study Mechatronics Engineering at International Islamic University Malaysia. He was also made Student Council’s President for a term.


Muhtar soon realised that his natural affinity for wisdom and ability to take care of himself should not be kept just to himself.


“After all that I’ve been through, whenever I see young people I feel like I want to share my life story with them. I want to tell them that having a positive attitude makes the difference, not your surrounding or your background.”


So in 2005, Muhtar founded a society in his hometown, Miri, called Task Force Kecemerlangan.


Through Task Force Kecemerlangan, Muhtar reaches out to 2,500 youth every year.


He challenges them to have a positive attitude, a “can do” spirit and to always obey God.


“All of us need to contribute something to society. This is my way of working for the betterment of my society.” 


[Muhtar Suhaili is the sixth nominee for the 2007 AYA Dream Malaysia Most Outstanding Youth of the Year Award. The award, a project by youth development organisation Asian Youth Ambassadors, seeks to recognise ordinary youth with extraordinary spirit, irregardless of race or creed.]


AYA Awards  



1. Kelab Anak Muda Muhibbah - Julai 24, 2007

Tahniah Muhtar…

“Anak Muhibbah Berhak Hebat!”

2. Muhtar Suhaili - Julai 24, 2007

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Kak Tum @ Kelab Anak Muda Muhibbah;

Alhamdulillah! Semoga ruang dan peluang dakwah akan lebih luas. Doakan segalanya khair.

Ustaz Fauzi yang mulia;

Terima kasih sudi kongsi info ini di sini.

Wallahu a’lam bissawab.

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